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The Violent Kidnapping of AMERICAN CITIZEN
Network of Child Trafficking and Prostitution in the UK
The Modus operandi of this network of High Influences reaching Parliament
Members *Meg Munn and *Anne Snnelgrove
This is how they work:
They deploy Young Prostitutes to resorts to pick older rich man , in this case
Samantha Lowry, Samantha Jennifer Lowry born on February 15, 1983 British
Citizen who lived in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, seduces Daniel , 16 years older born in
1967, Texas Resident, Tourist in Puerto Vallarta:
Samantha Lowry than Travels to Austin Texas where Daniel lives on January
2006 to visit for around a month, and begin to research all his property and
assets and returns to England
Samantha returns  to Austin months later, and soon after  returns to England,
later claiming she is pregnant with Daniel Child
Daniel invites her to Austin, Samantha arrives to Austin September 2006 and
soon after become engaged
On October 2007 Samantha seduces a police detective named *Andrew
Westbrook on the area of bars of sixth street, arrives the next morning, and
began an affair after that, claiming to Daniel is a friend
Upon the Birth of the child, Samantha does not want her last name on her own
son, only both of Daniel Last names March 29, 2007 Sebastian is born with both
last names of the father, none of the mother, born American Citizen
Samantha changes and becomes erratic, moves to hotels and to *BOB GLOYD
HOME soon after, another older man she met
May 25, 2007 (Memorial day weekend) Samantha decoys Daniel to Mexico with
Sebastian, claiming she will arrive days later, she keeps the travel documents
of Sebastian, since she is illegally in the USA under a tourist visa of 90 days
Daniel and Sebastian leave to Mexico by Bus, but Samantha does not arrive,
she delays her trip
But other man arrive from England on May 25, 2007 to trespass to Daniel
Homestead in Austin Texas with Samantha Lowry and the scam begins;
The parents of Samantha also move quickly, and begin proceedings May 30,
2007  to claim the child is in Texas and place restraining orders for his
removal, then time to use his affair with *Andrew Westbrook (Police Detective)
to obtain warrants against Daniel, and also *BOB GLOYD working in the
University of Texas at Austin, to use his contacts, while Daniel is still awaiting
Samantha in Mexico and unaware of what she is doing (Confirmed by FBI
Then claim he has warrants, and preventing by all means his return, including
theft of Sebastian travel documents, at the time Daniel is trying to return
already to work in Austin
The scam is such, Samantha claims Daniel home is her to Police and claims
to court she lived in Austin for two years to claim commonwealth marriage,
PROSTITUTES TRAVEL TO AUSTIN TEXAS, seduction is by all to all.
Within 8 weeks attempt to sell Daniel homestead she is trespassing  in
Auction while Meg Munn even travel to Mexico to move her influences to get
warrants there as well against Daniel and the Consul of the British Embassy
talks to Police and FBI in Austin
The Parents of Samantha and Samantha moves quickly against the assets of
the parents of Daniel nearly 80 , who live retired in Mexico, while Tristan Nind
and Joseph Lowry physically assault them in Mexico
The Swindon advertiser claims raids are taking place in the parents of Daniel
home, no legal raids, simple trespassing to steal documents and financials to
be used for fraud
Tristan Nind and Joseph Lowry where spotted trespassing to Daniel parents
home and steal records, including bank records, send to Samantha and her
Parents John Lowry and Susan Lowry in Austin to be used for fraud : Target,
160 Acres prime real estate and all their bank accounts The Lowry hack the
emails of Daniel and Daniel parents,
The Parliament members Meg Munn and *Anne Snnelgrove begin to use their
influences to harass and threaten all of Daniel family, Daniel brother in France,
Daniel sister in England and even extended family
Although Daniel writes daily trying to return to Texas,  Samantha claims the
child is believe to be in France, Then Spain, Then the UK, to locate all possible
whereabouts of the child when in fact they are trying to locate all properties
and assets to steal by fraud and without due process on frivolous claims with
violence internationally
Within two months obtain a judgment of 35 million, the corruption of the case
is to be amazed (The evidence they file, proves the opposite of their claims and
in fact their scam!) , nevertheless, she obtains a 35 million dollar judgment
WITHOUT NOTICE, (a requirement to obtain a judgment)  against Daniel and his
parents, $4117 on child support a month (without the baby) then after a month
claim no payment to auction the house she is trespassing, also 160 acres of
Daniel parents to be set for auction, all without notice plus over 1700 original
fine art paintings
All proceedings held secret by Samantha Lowry, John Lowry and Susan Lowry
Violence against Daniel Parents increases to deadly attempts by Tristan Nind
and Joseph Lowry in Mexico against Daniel parents, reported to police by
Daniel father while Samantha Lowry, Susan Lowry and John Lowry in Austin
Texas has begun with the auction of their properties without notice
The properties are placed in auction on the web, Daniel parents trying to
locate Daniel find their properties in auction on the web and hire attorneys
The matter is resolved under a settlement agreement under Hague Convention
Proceedings made between all attorneys, the proceedings simply will be held in
Austin, agreed jurisdiction and mutual custody to prevent from harm Sebastian
Samantha Lowry kidnaps Sebastian December 2007  after six month
abandonment leaving him without travel documents
Parents of Daniel sued Samantha Lowry,
Daniel father is murdered by gun shot on February 8, 2008
April 2008  Samantha Lowry sells Daniel Father land of 20 acres of land
illegally and without notice in breach of the settlement agreement
Violence and fraud continued, until Daniel publish the scam, filed the
evidence in court and everyone ran, even the attorneys
Daniel remove the warrants for his arrest WITHOUT ARREST by providing the
testimonies of the FBI and Police as well as the Bus tickets, Daniel was not in
the USA when Samantha began proceedings and had not committed any crime,
Daniel was decoyed to Mexico by Samantha and Daniel awaited Samantha in
Upon investigations, Susan Lowry, John Lowry, Samantha Lowry, Jemima
Lowry, Scarlet lowry, Jemima Lowry, Peter Bailey, Tristan Nind, has a child
nursery in Bishopstone, where Joseph Patrick Douglas Lowry was accused of
child abuse (Rape) and also used as a prostitution house,
After the kidnapping of Sebastian Daniel started Hague Convention
Proceedings, for his return, the child had to be return by TREATY
Nevertheless, aided and abetted by even Justice Mark Hedley and Justice
Mary hogg, to prevent the return of the child by Treaty , a requirement by treaty
Samantha has change her name, The name of the child as well
Parliament members even interfere with Mexican police
At 35 million dollar per child, plus 160 acres of land, plus 4117 a month, plus
over 1700 original fine art paintings, plus a home: this is the most profitable
child trafficking in the world, reason the top is so involved
Prostitution, child trafficking, child abuse and own a child nursery in
Bishopstone named Hillsborough, recently close after been declared UNSAFE
From the same locations use several corporations, to open, scam people and
close them
This is the United Kingdom Child Trafficking Network and Prostitution  and
how they operate at glance
The key person of this child trafficking network with influences, is Jeremy
Morley, attorney in New York, British, whom Samantha Susan and John hired
immediately after the child was born to create the scam, Jeremy Morley is an
expert on Child abductions, from the same place in the UK then Meg Munn
Parliament Member
Daniel and Samantha never married, Samantha Lowry arrived on September
2006  to Austin, not living with Daniel, not commonwealth marriage
*Or simply a Family Experts in Fraud and Deception, who deceive FBI, Judges, Parliament Members, FBI and others..."